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Providing an understanding of significant biotic problems by extracting and quantifying data from biological images

LemnaTec’s goal is to quantify human vision on organisms. Whatever images we take for whatever purposes: The first step will always be to generate reproducible and scientifically sound images in a wide range of light wavelengths – mostly going far beyond human vision. All phenotyping results are stored and analysed automatically. Images can be analysed and re-analysed in an unlimited number of ways, generating image-derived values for a huge amount of quantitative parameters according to varying interests and needs.

LemnaTec is the Global Leader in Plant Phenomics


Science testing is all about effect monitoring and quantification. Depending on the aim of the test design and data analysis, evaluations vary widely and help to generate new information.

Our Scanalyzer Plant Phenomics Platform is designed to link Genotype and Phenotype information in the field of

  • High Throughput Plant Phenotyping
  • High Content Plant Phenomics
  • Root and shoot Phenotyping
  • Infield Phenotyping
  • High precision Plant Phenotyping in Growth Chambers

In ecotoxicology deviations from control growth or control behaviour are interpreted as toxic effects. In similar experiements with different objectives the results of nematode, cell culture or fish embryo testing may identify new active ingredients for human or animal care products. In plant protection the screening of aphid, fungi and plant or animal growth inhibition or growth stimulation leads to the detection of new substances for the protection of future crops. Plant phenotyping helps to identify particular gene functions by the description of specific growth patterns under stress conditions, which then in turn become key elements in plant breeding.

LemnaTec develops imaging units, image analysis automatisation and data handling strategies that fit all these varied needs of research and production to help our customers to design and develop products suitable to meet future challenges.




Plant Phenotyping Chain

Plant Phenotyping Chain

Dirk Vandenhirtz


Dirk Vandenhirtz, CEO

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