Controlled environmental conditions for plant growth are effectively supported by LemnaTec scanalyzer conveyor systems for greenhouses and growth chambers
Controlled Environments

Controlled Environments

Controlled Environments - Greenhouse and growth chamber studies allow scientists to eliminate or at least reduce the uncontrollable influences of external, variable environmental parameters – such as temperature, illumination, humidity and watering – on their test objects. A controlled environment provides the perfect opportunity to determine and change growth conditions at specific points in time during an experiment, for example by exposing plants to stress situations in decisive growth and development periods, e.g. during flowering. In this way, relatively homogeneous, but less controllable growing conditions on a field plot are substituted with closely defined conditions inside a greenhouse or growth chamber.

Contribution of LemnaTec systems to controlled environments

  • If plants are handled continuously on conveyor belts, randomisation as well as defined and recorded watering procedures ensure a high degree of homogeneity within treatment groups, which would otherwise often be lower under field conditions.
  • Each plant or group of plants placed on one plant carrier can be entirely quantified in its phenotypical development and individual use of resources such as water and nutrients.
  • As fewer humans are required to enter the controlled environment, any disturbance through human interference can be kept to a minimum.