Hyperspec Plant Phenomics - Industrial Hyperspectral Imaging Process Sensor

a new view to you plants

Two industry leaders have setup a cooperation to join their unique technologies.

The 2012 scanylzer3D and the scanalyzerHTS can be equipped with a Aberration Corrected Imaging Spectrometer

in Cooperation with Headwall we have integrated this unique technology into our Scanalyzer Platform for High throughput Plant Phenomics and High throughput Screening.

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This technology will enable researchers to get a complete new view on their organisms. To improve traits like:

  • Abiotic / biotic stress
  • Salt and drought tolerance
  • Nutrient use efficiency
  • Water use efficiency
  • Disease screening
  • Root development
  • Plant growth characteristics
  • Response to chemical treatment

At the heart of the Hyperspec® Inspector system is a fully reflective, F/2 aberration-corrected imaging-spectrograph covering the VNIR spectral region of 400-1000 nm. Headwall Photonics has developed a family of such HyperspecTM spectrographs, each optimized for different spectral regions; UV/VIS (250-600 nm), VNIR (400-1000nm), Extended-VNIR (550-1700 nm), NIR (900-1700 nm) and SWIR (1000-2500 nm). For reference, all Headwall Hyperspec® sensors utilize the company’s patented aberration-corrected all-reflective Offner design, containing a high-efficiency cCubeonvex diffraction grating and suitable collimating and imaging mirrors. The fully reflective nature of the off-axis Offner design, and the absence of transmissive optics within the spectrograph module, ensures superior imaging performance. This is defined by the virtual absence of smile and keystone aberrations, as well as chromatic errors caused by transmissive optics, and ensures that the spatial and spectral fidelity of the hyperspectal image is fully and accurately characterized. The use of original diffraction grating ensure excellent low stray-light performance.


The latest technology available in a scientific grade CMOS (sCMOS) FPA detector is integrated in the Hyperspec® Inspector E-Series sensor. This fully embedded and ruggedized sCMOS camera has been developed for high speed, high dynamic range applications. The dimensions of the FPA are matched to the spatial and spectral dimension required for high speed industrial operation.