PhenoFab the Plant Phenomics Service Center

Rent into the brand new Plant Phenotyping facility

If you are looking for Phenotyping Service the brand new PhenoFab ( is the world leading Service facility. The Plant Phenomics System is running under the supervision of two industry leaders in the Plant Phenimcs sector ( LemnaTec and Keygene)

PhenoFabThe system is able to phenotype 1.100 within 6 hours. The system was designed to handle all kind of plant from Arabidopsis to Corn.

the LemnaTec Phenomics software can automatically identify different phenomics marker like:

  • Leaf area
  • Chlorophyll content
  • Stem diameter
  • Plant height / width
  • growth rate
  • stress pigment concentration
  • tip burn
  • Biomass
  • internod lenght
  • color
  • leaf rolling
  • leaf tracking over time

This technology enable researchers to get a complete new view on their organisms. To improve traits like:

  • Abiotic / biotic stress
  • Salt and drought tolerance
  • Nutrient use efficiency
  • Water use efficiency
  • Disease screening
  • Root development
  • Plant growth characteristics
  • Response to chemical treatment

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Conveyor System at PhenoFab moving plants at PhenoFasbPhenoFab IT