Plant phenomics greenhouse, separated by automatic doors (background, left and right) from the LemnaTec scanalyzer3D imaging units, and containing a spraying unit (background, middle).

Plant Phenomics

Plant phenomics - The development of genomics over the last few years has resulted in a set of core technologies that enable an almost exponentially increase in the generation of information on the genetic background of plants. Based on high-throughput genotyping and gene sequencing, the availability of genetic data related to specific plants has reached a point where the mapping of entire genomes is merely a question of weeks. Moreover, the use of molecular markers and mapping populations in combination with the array-based identification of gene regulation mechanisms has led to the accumulation of an unprecedented amount of genetic data.

Plant phenomics, wheat field

The role of LemnaTec scanalyzer systems in plant phenomics

The advances in plant genomics can now be complemented by high-throughput plant phenomics, using LemnaTec scanalyzerHTS systems for small plants like Arabidopsis and scanalyzer3D systems for bigger plants up to maize and sugar cane sizes. In all cases, high-resolution phenotyping data on plant growth and development is generated in abundance, which can subsequently be linked to genes via QTLs (Quantitative Trait Loci).