This comprehensive and intuitive interface manages all LemnaTec products.


The Challenges in modern image Processing for HTS, Plant Breeding, and Plant Phenotyping

This comprehensive and intuitive interface is the main framework granting access to all LemnaTec software products across the entire product range. All research images, analysis results and meta data are accessible within LemnaLauncher and are specific for the individuals product configuration and image analysis settings. This provides complete data management and ultimately a measure of quality assurance. Integration of all software modules provides a complete digital phenotyping workflow – from data acquisition to image analysis, to statistical result presentation in LemnaMiner. Additionally, a continuous process accelerates result generation and analysis without human input, guaranteeing maximum data integrity.

For all tasks from preparing an experiment, commencing and controlling an experimental run to final analysis, LemnaLauncher provides the initial interface for these tasks whilst providing supplementary features and options for the researcher.

Access all Data

The Snapshot Concept

During experiments, featured data monitor viewers enables the researcher to be constantly updated regarding scheduled jobs. System functions, including imaging conditions and experimental solution delivery- inputs defined by the researcher in LemnaTec’s hardware control software LemnaControl. Using tile viewer the user can access acquired images and attached meta data, eg. the image analysis results  as provided by LemnaGrid and additional information such as weight and water amount. To monitor all experimental data, LemnaLauncher utilises the Snapshot concept to organize all images and analysis results into a convenient overview format. This is defined by an ID-tag representing the experiment and the time the snapshot was acquired. Snapshots can be grouped under a common measurement label to group assays of the same experiment.

Optimzed Views

LemnaLauncher with 6 Multiple ViewsFor a comprehensive insight regarding snapshot information, researchers can select an image and compare this to all available images over time by splitting the view into multiple displays. This will give a fast and detailed impression how, for example, growth rates of a control plant compared to a treated plant. Having the opportunity to view all available image modalities at the same time (link to cameras) provides the researcher all possible information to detect even the slightest changes between treated and control groups at the earliest possible moment.

After experiment completion, data is ready for analysis and after a quick view of the images the researcher can directly access the statistical toolbox LemnaMiner without exiting LemnaLauncher.


See a short demo of some of the LemnaLauncher features