Scanalyzer PL

Low throughput, but a great deal of options.

Scanalyzer PL

Low throughput, but a great deal of options Connect your plant phenotype with genomic data

Scanalyzer PLApplication examples for the scanalyzer image analysis

The highly flexible and easily customisable LemnaLauncher software covers a wide range of applications.

Plant phenotyping & functional genomics

Non-destructive, multispectral plant imaging and comprehensive control of water evaporation/supply allow optimal assessment of GxE impact on phenotypes under stress or natural field conditions.

Breeding of new traits

Quantitative phenotype assessment of seed collections/crossing programmes guarantees fast data access, even with complex traits such as drought tolerance.

High-content & high-throughput screening

Multi-parameter assessment of a wide range of organisms and assay types across thousands of samples provides a reliable basis for agrochemical/pharmaceutical screening.

Life science research & drug discovery

Assessment of small organisms (nematodes, fish eggs, parasites) and cell cultures – new prospects for the screening of active ingredients and pharmacological key structures.

Colony counting & cell analysis

Colony counting and automatic documentation is getting increasingly important for food, beverage and pharmaceutical products.


LemnaTec provides comprehensive imaging solutions for standardised and research tests (duckweed, daphnids, nematodes), thus maximising the quality of test results.

Quality control

All scanalyzer hard- and software modules can be customised to target most quality control solutions in agricultural or pharmaceutical applications.