Plant Phenotyping Hardware

Phenomics Hardware Solutions

From small organisms to large crops, lab bench workflows to the field, manual loading to high-throughput, LemnaTec is leading in innovative digital imaging know-how

LemnaTec are the leading providers of hardware and software solutions for plant phenomics, high- and low-throughput plant phenotyping and high-content screening of small organisms.

From bench top imaging systems to high throughput screening or phenotyping to field phenotyping platforms, LemnaTec has a wide range of configurable Scanalyzer image acquisition and analysis platforms to suit most biological image analysis needs.

All Scanalyzer platforms use the same proprietary software tools- from lab to greenhouse to field conditions- LemnaTec can offer standardized imaging and processing with all data stored in a centralized database.

Low throughput plant phenotyping solutions High throughput plant phenotyping solutions

Bench top systems for low throughput requirements with top imaging

Top and side imaging of manually loaded samples

high-content screening and phenotyping of small plants or organisms

non-destructive, multi-sensor analysis of different crops or model plants

classical phenotyping of various crops or research models in field conditions

Plant Phenotyping Imaging Modules

From high resolution visible light imaging to reflective infrared measurements, all Scanalyzer products can be equipped with the right sensor to catch the detail that matters

All Scanalyzer systems can be equipped with a wide range of different sensors to answer the research question. In addition to visible light or fluorescent sensors hyperspectral and infrared imaging technologies complete the information gathered in and beyond human perception. Read More...

LemnaTec is constantly expanding human vision through imaging automatization, mainly by employing various fully controlled cameras in compliance with industrial standard. Wherever suitable these are equipped with high-quality macro or zoom lens systems. Camera resolutions are optimized for different purposes and range from 1.3 to 10 megapixels per image for visible imaging on 1/2’’ specially selected chips.

alt Digital Phenotyping and Image Analysis

Software Tools for Plant Phenotyping

The starting point of all LemnaTec software is LemnaLauncher.

This comprehensive and intuitive interface is the main framework granting access to all LemnaTec software products across the entire product range. All research images, analysis results and meta data are accessible within LemnaLauncher and are specific for the individuals product configuration and image analysis settings. This provides complete data management and ultimately a measure of quality assurance. Integration of all software modules provides a complete digital phenotyping workflow – from data acquisition to image analysis to statistical result presentation in LemnaMiner. Additionally, continuous processes accelerates result generation and analysis without human input, guaranteeing maximum data integrity.

For all tasks from preparing an experiment, commencing and controlling an experimental run to final analysis, LemnaLauncher provides the initial interface for these tasks whilst providing supplementary features and options for the researcher.

Image Aquisition

regulates all system components- cameras, conveyors, robotics and illumination

Image Processing

creating flexible and user-friendly image-analysis algorithms

Data Mining

enabling the researcher to display, filter and export image-analysis data

the central database interface for all software modules

share and exchange image-analysis algorithms and knowledge with other users