LemnaTec Scanalyzers provide a comprehensive range of phenotyping research platforms from bench-top enclosures to systems that can monitor large fields. Using tried and tested hardware, systems are configured to suit customers’ requirements, resulting in highly effective and reliable phenotyping solutions.

Bench top systems for low throughput requirements with top imaging

Top and side imaging of manually loaded samples

High-content screening and phenotyping of small plants or organisms

Non-destructive, multi-sensor analysis of different crops or model plants

Classical phenotyping of various crops or research models in field conditions


LemnaTec OS is the most complete plant phenotyping software system in the world. An integrated set of modules provides rich functionality to control any hardware configuration and then record and analyze the resulting sets of data. An extensive library of system pre-sets, algorithms and technical papers support thousands of different research applications.

Regulates all system components- cameras, conveyors, robotics and illumination

Creating flexible and user-friendly image-analysis algorithms

Enabling the researcher to display, filter and export image-analysis data

The central database interface for all software modules

Share and exchange image-analysis algorithms and knowledge with other users

Cameras and Sensors

Lemnatec offers a wide range of supported cameras and sensors to address every plant phenotyping requirement. Plug and play connectivity ensures rapid implementation and high levels of reliability, even in the most hostile environments. Modules are available to monitor RGB, surface temperature, water status, hyperspectral features, chlorophyll fluorescence and 3D.

RGB Camera Laser Scanner

Thermal Camera NIR Camera Fluorescence Camera

Hyperspectral Camera Chlorophyll Fluorescence

The LemnaTec Experts


Pia Bergmann, Head of Product Development +4924089383102


Markus Radermacher, Software Research & Development +4924089383207


Hans Georg Luigs, Senior Engineer, Camera and Sensor Integration +4924089383205