Greenhouse Systems


The GREENHOUSE SCANALYZER continuously monitors hundreds of plants under controlled conditions without human intervention. Plants are transported by conveyers through a series of imaging cabinets, each cabinet hosting a different sensor, to capture several hundred data points per plant per run.

LemnaTec’s innovative MULTI-VIEW system rotates each plant to capture images from all sides, as well as from above. This results in comprehensive quantitative data about phenotypic traits of the plants that refer to development, physiology and environmental responses.

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Moving Field

To ensure a high degree of homogeneity within treatment groups, LemnaTec’s MOVING FIELD uses conveyers to constantly move plants around in a predefined sequence. This also enables users to optimize plant density and simulate more realistic agricultural growing conditions resulting in more relevant research data.

Other system options include watering, weighing and spraying units and a light tunnel to stimulate PSII chlorophyll fluorescence. By combining modules in different configurations, our customers can create the ideal plant phenotyping system.


In cases where it is preferable not to move the plants, a motorized gantry can be fitted inside the greenhouse to transport sensors above the plants. The GREENHOUSE GANTRY can carry a variety of sensors including a 3D laser scanner to measure size and biomass.