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Exchange your image processing routines with others

LemnaGrid image analysis grids can be supplied online, as well as shared and exchanged, by using the LemnaGrid exchange interface. The incoming grids, transferred to LemnaShare by the users, are validated and classified by LemnaTec to be used by all customers as a basis for their own work or other ready-to-use solutions. Thus the risk of double developments is minimised and the ongoing process of extracting increasingly relevant biological data from images can be accelerated.

LemnaShowcase & LemnaNet

LemnaShowcase is an online service which presents the performance of our image analyses. This features our public image analysis configuration (IAC) and the associated resulting images.
The details of the Lemna IAC Showcase and LemnaNet are explained in the following.

After the software is launched the main window of the LemnaShowcase appears (see ). The main window primarily consists of a table (middle), a filter (left), a search text field (top left), a tool bar (right) and an image browser (right). 

LemnaNet is an online services offer to support our customers. It currently consists of two web programs: “image analysis portal” and “direct image analysis exchange”. Both programs allow image analysis configuration (IAC) and image analysis package (IAP) to be exchanged.

All upcoming algorithms (e.g. 3D reconstruction or machine learning) will be published within LemnaNet and presented in LemnaShowcase.

Browse IACs and limit data view

The table in the middle of the main window contains the IACs. Generally only the most important data is shown in the table. If you need more information double click the appropriate line of the IAC or select the line and click the “show details” button on the tool bar. The details window then opens up (see ) , whereby all data on the selected IAC is available.

As well as the textual data, there are example pictures for all new IACs. These are downsized resulting images from the analyses. The example images are automatically displayed in the image browser as soon as an IAC is selected. There are normally several example images per IAC. Both arrow buttons under the image are used to navigate through a list of images. The shown example images can be displayed in a separate window on request. To do this, simply click on the example image.

If you are looking for a specific IAC, you can use the search text field to do this. Type a search word and then either “enter” or click on the button with the magnifying glass. The table now only contains IACS which fit your search word. In order to reset the search, click on the button which now contains a blue X.

If necessary you can reduce the data shown in the table with the filter. The filter is divided into various categories and sub-categories. It can be switched off again with the “deactivate filter” button.