Colony counting

Counting bacterial colonies is a very important part of product quality control. The LemnaTec Colony Counter fulfills several requirements concerning the reliable assessment of bacteriological colony quantification. Plates are uniquely identified by barcode readings and images accurately documented in the LemnaBase database systems. The images are then analysed and counted colonies are visualised.

Colony counting Colony counting Colony counting

All resulting data is stored together with the original and result images. This documentation more than meets the requirements of quality insurance programmes: Not only is the data stored, but also the original images and all data surrounding the imaging conditions. No-counts are also recognised, and they are of even greater interest to long-term quality insurance protocols as they document the important non-contamination of the tested products.

Specific robust image analysis methods are available for a wide range of bacterial test types.


  • Fully equipped system for universal analysis of microcolonies for all conventional petri dish and agar plate formats down to colony size of < 0.1 mm


  • Central Database Interface

  • LemnaGrid image analysis grids can be supplied online, as well as shared and exchanged, by using the LemnaGrid exchange interface.

  • Monitoring the fully integrated automatisation of all LemnaTec scanalyzer systems.

  • This comprehensive and intuitive interface manages all LemnaTec products.

  • The LemnaMiner extracts data from -LemnaTec databases and employs user-friendly tools to organise and visualise them.