High-content screening

High-content screeningParticularly in the medical sector the term high-content screening is used to distinguish between an assessment of a single parameter tested in high-throughput or a comprehensive analysis of a broad set of parameters for each single sample. While such analysis is relatively new in the medical area, it is already well established for image-based assessments LemnaTec is performing in other research areas. At any rate LemnaTec extracts between 5 and 50 parameters from each image, always offering the customer the possibility to calculate even more, based on single images, several images made at one point in time (e.g. with image-based plant volumes) or based on several points in time (growth rates). In all cases the aim of comprehensive quantitative measurement of whole assays or single organism parameters is to deliver a maximum amount of relevant information to the customer.

High-content screeningThe results of such multiple parameter assessments for the propagation of research have even entered standardised ecotoxicology, where leaf number AND frond area need to be measured for the subsequent calculation of inhibition by toxicants. For the phenotyping of plants with Scanalyzer 3D systems, the use of size, shape and colour information forms the basis for any further statistical analysis.

Right from the beginning LemnaTec has adapted the high-content analysis to the specific degree of throughput that the customer really needs, which may range from 20 beakers or plants per day to up to ten thousands of plants in trays on conveyor belt systems or in multiwell plates in Scanalyzer HTS systems.


  • Enhance the statistical power of greenhouse trials for Plant Phenomics


  • LemnaTec scanalyzer3D systems open new prospects for the quantitative, non-destructive analysis of different crops or model plants under high-throughput phenomics conditions.

  • Teaser: The scanalyzer HTS is the best option for the analysis of small plants in multiwell plates or trays in specific growth chambers.


  • Central Database Interface

  • LemnaGrid image analysis grids can be supplied online, as well as shared and exchanged, by using the LemnaGrid exchange interface.

  • Monitoring the fully integrated automatisation of all LemnaTec scanalyzer systems.

  • This comprehensive and intuitive interface manages all LemnaTec products.

  • The LemnaMiner extracts data from -LemnaTec databases and employs user-friendly tools to organise and visualise them.