Date: Monday 24 - Tuesday 25 October 2016
Venue: nhow Hotel Berlin, Stralauer Allee 3, 10245 Berlin, You will receive special rates if you book via Phenodays website.
Application opens: 9 March 2016
Application deadline: 1 October 2016
Contact reservation: angelika.graf(at)
Contact questions: kevin.nagel(at)
Registration fee: € 250,00 per person (incl. full board for two days and dinner on Monday). You will receive a personal code after contacting us.


Want to learn pheno-informatics skills? You've come to the right place. LemnaTec will again host a phenotyping workshop prior this year's PhenoDays meeting, 26 - 27 October 2016 in Berlin ( Different sessions from established and experienced scientist provide a deep view into tools, algorithms and everything you need for efficient, high resolution and high throughput phenotyping


The main aims of the PhenoWorkshop are:-

  • to give students a chance to experience working on highly relevant problems at the forefront of plant phenotyping and phenoinformatics

  • to make significant progress on these problems

Topics include:

  • fluorescence data

  • data analysis

    • R (Noah Fahlgreen, Donald Danforth Plant Science Center; Kevin Nagel, LemnaTec)

    • Octave / Matlab (Tino Dornbusch, LemnaTec)

  • Experimental design

  • Image processing

    • ImageJ

    • PlantCV (Mahlia Gehan, Donald Danforth Plant Science Center)

    • LemnaGrid (Karel Jansseunen, Bayer CropScience)

  • Machine learning for image processing


This course is aimed at individuals working in biological disciplines who have little or no experience in pheno-informatics. Please note that the workshop will not cover aspects of in-depth data analysis; there will be limited opportunity to analyse personal research data during this course.


Following course completion participants should be able to:

  • Discuss applications of pheno-informatics in plant phenotyping research

  • Use appropriate informatics tools to explore biological data

  • Comprehend some ways biological data can be stored, organised and interconverted

  • Every attendee receives a “Phenomatics Certificate”


You are interested in this fun and engaging workshop? Then hurry and and send me a quick email (kevin.nagel(at) with the following information:

  • contact details and affiliation

  • brief description about your work

  • few words what you expect from the PHENOMATICS workshop