3 driving forces why seeds and seed testing need to progress – and what you need for it

Climatechange is progressing and makes weather more stressful for plants.

Global population growth and increasing qualitative expectations on food demand for more and #betterfood

EU plans to reduce pesticide use in agriculture by 50% and fertilizer input by 20% until 2030.

How can these opposing tendencies be aligned?

Plants must deliver adequate phenotypes to ensure food security. To cope with this increased importance of phenotypic assessments, LemnaTec has developed a new line of products for #precisionphenotyping of seeds and plants.

Reducing fertilizers and pesticides demands more efficient plants and for more effective products for plant protection and nutrition. Plants must perform better with less fertilization and less treatments against pests and pathogens. Products for plant cultivation must perform better with less dosage. Performing better means reaching proper phenotypes according to the intended use of the plant material. Thus, intensive product development is required in the classical fertilizer, pesticide, and breeding business, and for providers of organic seeds, eco-fertilizers, or nature-derived plant protection agents.

All these aims relate to phenotypic improvements, thus stakeholders in breeding, fertilizer, plant protection, and plant management need quantifying phenotypes.

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