The universal laboratory documentation imager

New, upgradeable products for the professional use in laboratories

We posed the questions – you gave us the answers. We asked our clients as to their wishes and their answers were explicit. In addition to existing individual solutions, the request for standardized, yet upgradeable products, was unmistakably strong.
And yes, we reacted with a brand new product series.

The new ImageAixpert made the kick-off – a product for structured image acquisition and image documentation to bring order into your data chaos. Documentary images of samples are part of the daily business in nearly all labs. Taken by mobile phones or consumer cameras, they end in the nirvana of SD-cards, USB-sticks, or computer drives. ImageAIxpert takes documentary imaging into a one-step structured and standardized procedure.

Images are labelled, annotated and stored in a systematic way – easy to find back and to use for further work. With the upgrade, ImageAIxpert can easily become a PhenoAIxpert or SeedAIxpert just with a software upgrade. Keep eyes open for our next newsletter to learn more about these AIxperts.

Here you can read more about the wide range of functions and applications:

ImageAIxpert cabinet