When coping with environmental signals, complex networks of signal transduction and regulation processes are triggered. This particularly includes organelle functions. Nuclear-encoded organelle-targeted genes have central functions in such regulations. Mutations in such genes take influence on phenotypes and act pleiotropically. Researchers at the University of Nebraska Lincoln used a Lab Scanalyzer HTS to monitor plant growth in order to quantify mutant effects on growth phenotypes. Mutation-related growth reduction and phenotypic variances were set in relation to transcriptomic changes.

Shao, Mon-Ray; Kumar Kenchanmane Raju, Sunil; Laurie, John D.; Sanchez, Robersy; Mackenzie, Sally A. (2017): Stress-responsive pathways and small RNA changes distinguish variable developmental phenotypes caused by MSH1 loss. In: BMC plant biology 17 (1), S. 47. DOI: 10.1186/s12870-017-0996-4.