LemnaTec’s phenotyping systems are strongly interconnected with science:

  • Technology and software relies on latest scientific knowledge
  • Phenotyping systems are used for scientific research – and for industrial applications
  • Scientific refereces – papers written by our customers prove the wide range of use cases
  • LemnaTec actively participates in research projects

Hyper- and Multispectral Imaging

Hyperspectral and Multispectral Imaging Hyperspectral cameras record a 2D projection of the measured object by scanning lines and [...]

Advantage in Knowledge

Advantage in Knowledge Digital plant phenotyping and digital seed testing provide advantage in knowledge. Claiming such, we would [...]

Plant Performance

Plant Performance Digital phenotyping delivers diverse parameters that describe the phenotypic appearance of a plant. In combination with [...]

Brassica heat and drought phenotyping

A LemnaTec Scanalyzer at work: Environmental stresses frequently occur in combination, particularly the combination of high temperatures and low water [...]