Automation – a tool in high-throughput phenotyping

LemnaTec uses mechanical automation to increase throughput of measurements in phenotyping systems. We are working with advanced technology to move plants to sensors, or to move sensors across the planting area. Similarly, we work with technology for transporting biological samples at laboratory scale.

Our phenotyping systems comprise automated control of light and image recording.

We apply conveyors, gantries, or motorised axes to move mechanical parts. We also apply automation in weighing and watering systems.

Our automated technology comprises:

Canopy Scanalyzer – moving sensors over an area with plants for recording phenotypic data. In a weather-proof version, this technology is the Field Scanalyzer.

Conveyor Scanalyzer – our wide-spread plant-to-sensor system for greenhouses and growth rooms.

PhenoCenter – multi-sensor phenotyping for biological samples at laboratory scale.

Growscreen Rhizo – the combined root-and-shoot phenotyping system

Germination Scanalyzer – our digital seed testing system

PhenoSeeder – digital seed phenotyping and precision seed placing