A LemnaTec Scanalyzer at work:
Environmental stresses frequently occur in combination, particularly the combination of high temperatures and low water availability is common during hot weather. Such stresses negatively affect plant growth and reproduction. In Brassica crops such stresses impair pod setting and filling and research is done to strengthen stress tolerance of the plants.
Non-invasive determining of plant volume using LemnaTec imaging and image processing is a powerful tool to measure biomass developments. The phenomic information together with genomic profiles gives insight how plants cope with the stress factors. Such knowledge is important to improve breeding strategies.

Chen S, Guo Y, Sirault X, Stefanova K, Saradadevi R, Turner NC, Nelson MN, Furbank RT, Siddique KHM, Cowling WA (2019) Nondestructive Phenomic Tools for the Prediction of Heat and Drought Tolerance at Anthesis in Brassica Species. Plant Phenomics 2019:1–16