Cannabis- and Hemp-related Applications

Hemp plants – Cannabis sativa – are of high interest for both, biobased materials like hemp fibers, and for Cannabis active ingredients in medical use.

Seed and seedling quality, germination features, and phenotypes are important in research, breeding, product development, or quality control during production. Thus, gaining interest in imaging and image processing raises and we at LemnaTec provide tools that assist in these tasks.

With our SeedAIxpert technology, we can image hemp/cannabis seeds during germination and seedlings during emergence.

Germinating seeds on paper, our image processing software can detect germination and measure the dimensions of the emerged seedlings, e.g., root length, or shoot length, as soon as present. If seeds are contaminated, e.g. the upper left one, the molding can be detected, too. For soil-germinated seeds, our image processing software can detect germination via seedling emergence, and again the shoots that emerge from the soil can be measured. While seedling emergence is closely linked to germination and thus is task of our SeedAIxpert, emerged plants grow and there is demand to obtain phenotypic information on the growing plants. Comprehensive plant phenotyping is done by our PhenoAIxpert-family. For example, top view and side view photographs of growing hemp plants can serve to characterize growth performance and phenotypic traits of the plants.