CanopyAIxpert the multi-camera sensor to plant phenotyping system for glasshouses, growth rooms, climate chambers, cultivation halls, or indoor farms.

The automated high-throughput CanopyAIxpert combines rapid automated data recording with advanced analytical software and machine learning. LemnaTec is the global specialist for automated CanopyAIxpert Solutions that not only save time and labour, but also provide a much broader base of information compared to visual scoring. The CanopyAIxpert technology is dedicated to users who work with ground-standing plants – directly in soil, in containers, or pots – that are not movable, or not intended to move. The sensor-to-plant system records imaging data from above the plants, and usually delivers data on plant canopies rather than on individual plants.

  • Sensor to plant
  • Dedicated optics and illumination
  • Fixed plant positions
  • Broad range of imaging and sensing modules
  • Available for a range of dimensions
  • Sensors mounted on gantry structure that moves across plant area

We recommend recording environmental data in the plant growth area, such as temperature, light, or air humidity. We offer recording systems that store the environmental data together with the phenotypic data of the corresponding plants.

Download the “CanopyAIxpert” product brochure as a PDF document.

  • Versatile instrument
  • Broad range of phenotyping applications
  • Plant-environment-interactions
  • Genotype-phenotype-relations
  • For research and breeding
  • Imaging and analyses of plants in pots, containers, or ground soil
  • Sensors moved across planting area
  • Canopy-level data
  • Plant-level data if plants do not overlap
  • Multi-sensor phenotyping
  • Advanced machine learning for feature extraction
  • Database for plant data and metadata


  • High-resolution plant phenotyping
  • Available for glasshouses and closed climate rooms
  • Experiment planning and automated measuring
  • Sensors unified in measuring head or sensor exchange system

Product Properties

Gantry system

  • two- or three-directional movement

  • Full automation
  • Scalable design for various room sizes
  • Rapid data acquisition
  • Flexible design of experiments

Sensor options — top view cameras

  • Visible light/RGB camera module
  • Near infrared (NIR) camera module
  • Infrared (IR) camera module
  • Chlorophyll Fluorescence Kinetics module
  • Hyperspectral imaging module
  • Multispectral imaging module
  • Laser scanner

Application examples

Canopy-level plant imaging and analysis

Ground-standing plants – here wheat – were imaged with an RGB camera and the image was processed for counting ears. The information is not gained per individual plant but as canopy data, i.e. as target objects per area.

Fluorescence imaging at canopy level

A canopy consisting of wheat leaves was imaged for chlorophyll fluorescence that is indicative of the physiological status of the plants and can serve to detect stress- and pathogen- induced damages

Thermographic image (infrared image) of a plant canopy

Infrared imaging allows quantifying heat emission from plant surfaces and thereby indicates plant temperatures.

Vegetation density imaging

Plant canopy imaging with an RGB camera can be processed to determine vegetation cover and plant density per ground area.

Modular Building Set with Three Application-Oriented Designs

The LemnaTec CanopyAIxpert is available in three models and can easily be customised to your needs.


The CanopyAIxpert is delivered with a comprehensive software package. The software provides all possibilities of system control so that users can provide sample information and program a complete workflow for the samples. Users can define the samples loaded into the system, and give information such as species, genotype, treatment, or other grouping parameters. For all available cameras, users can determine which imaging principles are used with the loaded samples – full set or selected sub-set – and make the essential settings such as exposure, white balance, and more.

After imaging all data are stored and accessible for image and data processing. With LemnaGrid, we provide a userprogrammable image processing toolbox that allows for analyzing the recorded image data. LemnaGrid comprises a large library of functions to handle, analyze, and process various types of image data. By combining functions on a graphical surface, users can establish analytical workflows. In addition, we offer the development of customized analyses for user-generated images, including machine learning procedures.

The LemnaAIxplorer enables access to and visualization of all images, analyses, and related data. Tabulating and plotting functions are available together with image browsing. All data can be exported as CSV files or directly delivered to standard data bases.

Download the “CanopyAIxpert” product brochure as a PDF document.

LemnaTec Product Matrix

LemnaTec offers imaging and image processing technologies for several applications that suit for low to high throughput in laboratory, greenhouse or outdoor environments. Technologies are adapted to various sample types and can be combined with automation. All imaging systems are combined with dedicated image processing software, including user-programmable functions and machine learning.

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