Change in the management of LemnaTec

Already in August 2020, Dr. Robert Tietz joined LemnaTec coming from our mother company Nynomic AG as second managing director. Now, he took over full responsibility for the company. The already set strategic direction of LemnaTec will be continued and emphasized. Robert comments on the future direction for LemnaTec that the best strategy is a customer-centric organization: “when customers see that we listen and understand their challenges and together with the customer, we can develop a solution that really meets their needs, this is when a partnership develops, this is what we strive for.” He continues on the current positioning of LemnaTec: “We are in a very good position for understanding and solving customer challenges with experience, application know how and technology. On the one hand, we have an attractive portfolio of standard products and on the other, our competencies to build individually designed automated phenotyping systems tailored towards specific requirements have been proven. Taking both together, we have built a tool box that we can flexibly use for customizing products.” This sets us into a position to address a very broad range of our customers’ needs.