LemnaTec HyperAIxpert – comprehensive laboratory phenotyping system

LemnaTec HyperAIxpert – comprehensive laboratory phenotyping system With the new HyperAIxpert, the next member of the laboratory AIxpert products by LemnaTec, we take the step into automated multi-sensory phenotyping. HyperAIxpert is capable to operate hyperspectral cameras in scanning mode and therefore it is a powerful tool in [...]

3 driving forces why seeds and seed testing need to progress – and what you need for it

3 driving forces why seeds and seed testing need to progress – and what you need for it Climatechange is progressing and makes weather more stressful for plants. Global population growth and increasing qualitative expectations on food demand for more and #betterfood EU plans to reduce pesticide use [...]

New distribution partnership with Portable Analytical Solutions Pty Ltd, (PAS)

New distribution partnership with Portable Analytical Solutions Pty Ltd, (PAS) LemnaTec GmbH is pleased to announce a new distribution partnership with Portable Analytical Solutions Pty Ltd, (PAS) a leading provider of innovative scientific instruments in the Oceania Region, effective since May 2020. Juergen Kreis, Managing Director of [...]


The fastest digital seed testing system measuring seed, germination, and seedling emergence quality. We are introducing our SeedAIxpert family! The SeedAIxpert family comprises a table-top seed testing unit and a semi-automated seed testing system, the SeedAIxpert pro. Germination assays, e.g. top-of-paper tests, or seedling emergence trials easily [...]

Meet our Sales team

We are at your service to advise you on our products. Starting with the 16th of March 2020, Dr. Jutta Gerstner joined the team as head of sales. She has an education in plant molecular biology and worked for many years in sales positions for different companies active in the [...]


The versatile phenotyping system for laboratories We are introducing our PhenoAIxpert family! The PhenoAIxpert family consists of three models for versatile laboratory phenotyping. They provide an entry to the phenotyping world for a broad range of applications. Just some of the highlights: Easy to use with powerful [...]


The universal laboratory documentation imager New, upgradeable products for the professional use in laboratories We posed the questions – you gave us the answers. We asked our clients as to their wishes and their answers were explicit. In addition to existing individual solutions, the request for standardized, [...]

Brassica heat and drought phenotyping

A LemnaTec Scanalyzer at work: Environmental stresses frequently occur in combination, particularly the combination of high temperatures and low water availability is common during hot weather. Such stresses negatively affect plant growth and reproduction. In Brassica crops such stresses impair pod setting and filling and research is done to strengthen [...]

We are moving – Wir ziehen um

LemnaTec is moving into a differnt building, only 500 metres from the current location. Our new address is: Nerscheider Weg 170 52076 Aachen Germany You will reach us in the new offices from 15th January 2020 on. Our new telephone number: +49-2408-98185 0 Fax number: +49-2408-98185 99 E-mail contacts [...]

LemnaTec Growscreen Rhizo – the future of root phenotyping at IPK Gatersleben

LemnaTec proudly has finished the installation of a large-scale Growscreen Rhizo system inside the Plant Cultivation Hall of IPK Gatersleben. LemnaTec delivered this unique root- and shoot- phenotyping instrument, built under the exclusive license by Forschungszentrum Jülich Root- and Shoot-Phenotyping system setup The Growscreen Rhizo consists of 360 rhizotrons [...]

Glutathione, growth, and water deficit

LemnaTec's Chief Scientist Dr. Marcus Jansen has co-authored a paper on phenotyping studies to evaluate potential links between Glutathione, growth, and sensitivity to low water availability in Arabidopsis. Before joining LemnaTec in 2014, Marcus was working at Forschungszentrum Jülich and participated in a project on water deficit responses that [...]

Germination Scanalyzer at National Center for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology

LemnaTec proudly announces that we have equipped the National Center for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology (BIOTEC) at the Thailand Science Park near Bangkok with a new Germination Scanalyzer. This advanced digital seed testing machine automatically detects and quantifies germination rates of seeds. In the testing procedure, high-resolution images of the [...]

Announcement: LemnaTec – proud new member of the Nynomic group of companies

Aachen, 12 August 2019 With great pleasure we would like to inform you that from now on LemnaTec GmbH is part of a strong group of technology companies under one holding structure. Nynomic AG, having its corporate offices at Wedel, Germany, as of August 12th 2019 has taken over [...]

Extending Hyperspectral Imaging for Plant Phenotyping to the UV-Range

Hyperspectral imaging is a powerful tool in phyisological phenotyping. In particular, assessments of plant disease can benefit from spectral imaging, and frequently non-visible wavelengths provide additional information to the spectral signatures derived from visible light. Together with our partners in the DePhenSe project we recently published a paper in [...]

LemnaTec PhenoCenter, the flexible automated laboratory phenotyping system for seedlings, Arabidopsis and beyond.

Biologists, agronomists, and breeders frequently use young seedlings for rapid testing of plant properties, features and responses. When screening large populations, such as mutants, transformants, crossings, or treatment-groups, test frequently are done with early stage seedlings (up to 20 cm height), detached leaves, or leaf disks. This enables saving [...]