LemnaTec proudly announces that we have equipped the National Center for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology (BIOTEC) at the Thailand Science Park near Bangkok with a new Germination Scanalyzer.

This advanced digital seed testing machine automatically detects and quantifies germination rates of seeds. In the testing procedure, high-resolution images of the germinating seeds in top-of-paper assays are recorded. Seed germination quality can be determined with cutting-edge machine learning algorithms developed by LemnaTec.

Robust mechanical automation enables automatic sample handling and imaging. Seed germination trays stored in shelves are moved regularly to the imaging station to continuously monitor the progress of germination. As seeds germinate on moist paper, a balance and a water supply unit ensure that each tray is maintained at optimal moisture. This weighing and watering procedure works automatically, too.

The BIOTEC institute will run germination assays with different crops and vegetables, such as rice, maize, chilli, cucumber, watermelon, tomato, or pumpkin, taking advantage of the broad range of measuring capabilities of the system.

LemnaTec is grateful to Biogenomed for supporting the work in this project.