Intelligent Plant Phenotyping with CropScore

Smart cameras are ready for jobs in plant phenotyping. Coming as a swarm, they are exactly in the location where your plants are growing. The intelligent cameras have an onboard computer and are linked to a network. This enables constant monitoring of plants in scalable numbers – from one to thousands of cameras.

With an array of cameras watching your plants and software analyzing their growth and development, you can reach several goals from remote:

  • Consistent documentation and analysis of the plants’ development
  • Monitor water and nutrient demand
  • Detect stress, unusual growth, infestation
  • Quality check of the growing plants

The intelligent CropScore cameras provide remote access to data on the plants so that it becomes possible to reduce local human inspections in greenhouses or growth rooms while gaining insights in phenotypic data.

Applications are numerous in research and industry:

  • Gene discovery
  • Performance rating of breeding candidates
  • Genotype-environment interactions
  • Analyzing effects of plant treatments
  • Cultivation monitoring
  • Quality control in production

Reducing the frequency of human inspection has advantages. Besides saving labor, it makes work organization easier, reduces the risk of introducing pests or diseases and most importantly it avoids bias in plant rating.

The technology can be used in any greenhouse, climate chamber, lab, climate cabinet, vertical farm, indoor farm or other cultivation facility.