LemnaTec HyperAIxpert – comprehensive laboratory phenotyping system

With the new HyperAIxpert, the next member of the laboratory AIxpert products by LemnaTec, we take the step into automated multi-sensory phenotyping. HyperAIxpert is capable to operate hyperspectral cameras in scanning mode and therefore it is a powerful tool in physiological phenotyping. PAM chlorophyll fluorescence imaging and NIR imaging similarly deliver physiologically relevant data. Dimensions and morphology can be addressed via RGB-imaging or using laser scanning.
Broad ranges of typical lab samples can be measured, including seedlings up to 20 cm height, samples in MTPs or petri dishes, or detached plant parts. Samples on trays can be loaded into the measuring cabinet by the user, or semi-automated via a TrayProvider unit as optional accessory.
With an optional recessed sample stage, plants up to 40 cm can be measured in the manual loading mode (not compatible with the TrayProvider).
The HyperAIxpert is designed for working with seedlings in biological research in industrial or academic R&D applications. It is optimized for rapid assessments of samples in genetic screens or in testing of environmental factors, treatment effects, or biotic and abiotic stress.
It is specialized for, but not restricted to work with model species such as Arabidopsis, but it equally handles early-stage seedlings of most crop species.
Comprehensive data sets originating from the broad range of cameras/sensors deliver phenotypic data on morphological and physiological levels.
Applications are not restricted to plants, several other sample types match with the system, too. For instance, assessment of fungal growth on plates, or insects feeding on leaf discs are suitable applications.