Biologists, agronomists, and breeders frequently use young seedlings for rapid testing of plant properties, features and responses. When screening large populations, such as mutants, transformants, crossings, or treatment-groups, test frequently are done with early stage seedlings (up to 20 cm height), detached leaves, or leaf disks. This enables saving time and space compard to working with adult plants and many relevant data can be gained from such samples.

Our system is equally suitable for duckweed testing, seeds, insects, fungi or other non-plant samples.

The LemnaTec PhenoCenter is the key platform for recording advanced phenotypic data in the lab. Trays with samples can be loaded onto the measuring stage. There, they are imaged and scanned with a broad range of cameras, including visible light, PAM chlorophyll fluorescence, hyperspectral imaging, near-infrared imaging, fluorescence imaging, and laser scanning. Thus, morphological and physiological traits are recorded from the samples rapidly and automatically. Application examples comprise pathogen responses, genotype-phenotype linking, environmental stress testing, toxicology screening, active compound testing and many more.

Increased throughput of samples is achieved with our automated tray providing system. Sample trays can be loaded into trolleys and moved from their storage space (growth cabinets, incubators, greenhouses etc.) to the measuring unit. The automated tray provides loads each tray from the trolley and delivers it to the measuring stage. There, user-defined imaging takes place and the sample trays are moved back to the trolley.

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