On April 22, 2019 LemnaTec Corporation held a Lunch & Learn event at Washington State University, Pullman, WA. During the lunch Dr. Todd M. DeZwaan, LemnaTec VP of Business Development, spoke on sensors and analytics for research and product development. He also demonstrated a new 16-channel LED lighting system that LemnaTec will begin distributing as part of its partnership with the Taiwan HiPoint Corporation. The 16-channel LED light will also be an option for the PhenoTron, a laboratory instrument that combines high-resolution sensors with complete control over lighting, humidity, carbon dioxide, and temperature.

The event showcased the capabilities of the LemnaTec PhenoCenter for high-throughput multi-sensor imaging of whole plants, plant samples, seeds, and seedlings. Two PhenoCenters are housed on the WSU campus. A PhenoCenter in the Compact Plants Phenomics Center (http://phenomics.cahnrs.wsu.edu/) within the Department of Plant Pathology has fully-automated plant handling and sensor positioning integrated within a custom-built Conviron growth chamber for complete environmental control. Sensors for visible light and near infrared (NIR) imaging along with a pulsed-amplitude modulated (PAM) fluorescence camera and 3D laser scanner deliver a complete digital phenotype for studies of biotic and abiotic stress, mutagenesis, genome x environment interactions, and much more. The second PhenoCenter at WSU is housed within the USDA-ARS Wheat Health, Genetics and Quality Research Unit (https://www.ars.usda.gov/pacific-west-area/pullman-wa/whgq/). This PhenoCenter has an integrated tray-provider for high-throughput screening of wheat and Camelina germplasm for improved disease and cold tolerance as well as quality testing for seed purity and viability.

Thank you to all of the Lunch & Learn participants, and to the WSU faculty and students for making this a successful event!