LemnaTec at the NAPPN Annual Conference 2023

Dr. Robert Tietz and Dr. Marcus Jansen attended the NAPPN Annual Conference 2023 at the Donald Danforth Plant Science Center in St Louis, MO, USA in February 2023. LemnaTec presented two scientific posters and had an exhibition table. The conference brought together many scientists and industry representatives dedicated to plant phenotyping, plant breeding, plant protection, agriculture, and related disciplines. In a series of sessions, scientists of all career levels presented highly interesting talks on new developments, application cases, and practical benefits of plant phenotyping. In addition, over 50 posters were shown that related to phenotyping applications in biological research, crop science and plant breeding. The audience was mainly from North America, but included attendees from all over the world, too.

The conference venue – Donald Danforth Plant Science Center – is one of the leading plant science institutes worldwide and is a key customer of LemnaTec that operates a PhenoAIxpert HT as core facility for plant phenotyping since 2013. The system consists of imaging cabinets where plants are brought in and out via conveyor systems. In addition, plants automatically receive water and soil moisture is monitored gravimetrically.

At the time of the conference, the Danforth scientists were running an experiment to phenotype sorghum plants. The system can work with different plant species, recording images in time series and providing the images for later analysis with image processing software. Scientists pointed out that phenotypic data have outstanding importance for many research projects.