NDVI imaging

With our innovative multispectral imaging unit, we can capture factors such as NDVI. The NDVI is one of the most common indices for plant vitality. NDVI imaging is not only used at field scale, but increasingly serves to monitor plant quality in various applications. Our innovative multispectral imaging system that matches in many members of the PhenoAIxpert family easily images NDVI. For visualization, we used a young leaf and a senescent leaf of a tobacco plant. With NDVI-imaging at leaf and whole plant scales we can easily integrate physiological phenotyping into plant measuring systems.

Illuminating the samples with red and near-infrared LEDs and recording high resolution greyscale images of both channels, data are present to calculate NDVI. NDVI calculation is done by subtracting the red channel from the near-infrared channel and dividing the result by the sum of both channels.