Aachen, 12 August 2019

With great pleasure we would like to inform you that from now on LemnaTec GmbH is part of a strong group of technology companies under one holding structure.
Nynomic AG, having its corporate offices at Wedel, Germany, as of August 12th 2019 has taken over all business activities of LemnaTec GmbH. With that, LemnaTec GmbH has become a 100% affiliate company of Nynomic AG and will form a new corporate pillar within Nynomic’s group of photonics companies.

Location of LemnaTec’s head office will remain in Aachen, Germany, all employees will be transferred, and all relevant parts of LemnaTec’s business operation will be continued as before.

The Management Board of Nynomic AG is convinced, that through the acquisition of LemnaTec and aligned with its corporate strategy, this move will serve as another important step in strengthening the technology leadership of the Nynomic Group.

LemnaTec’s management expects that the integration into the Nynomic Group will open up extraordinary opportunities for LemnaTec to further expand the comprehensive product portfolio and, by realizing group-wide synergies, to strengthen its position as a leading supplier for systems and solutions for digital plant phenotyping and high speed screening of plants and other biological samples.

We thank all customers for the continued trust and support during the last weeks and we are looking forward to further enhance our business relation under these new and exciting conditions.

About Nynomic:
Nynomic AG is an internationally leading manufacturer of products for permanent, non-contact and non-destructive optical measurement technology. The smart photonic solutions are built on a technology platform based on spectral sensor technology. Thanks to the good adaptability to customer’s processes, they can be scaled into different applications, unfolding a large increase in efficiency and thus give an edge to the customer. With its miniaturization-based technology, Nynomic has a strong basis for its medium-term growth, which is well above average compared to market levels. As a full-line supplier, Nynomic AG has a clear marketing concept, from component to solution. It has a global presence, with independent brands, subsidiaries and approximately 400 employees, including LemnaTec’s. For further information about Nynomic AG please visit the corporate website under www.nynomic.com.

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