Our mother company Nynomic AG announced today the acquisition of Sensortherm GmbH.

LemnaTec GmbH is a proud member of the Nynomic group and welcomes the colleagues of our new sister company to the Nynomic Group of technology companies!

As the eighth pillar of the Nynomic Group, Sensortherm expands the technological expertise of the Nynomic group in the field of pyrometry.

Sensortherm GmbH, located near Frankfur/Main, Germany, develops, produces and distributes intelligent and sophisticated infrared measurement technology. Here, customer requirements and special requirements have been implemented in measuring instruments and software applications, tailored to specific target groups. Sensortherm pyrometers are characterized by a fully digital construction. This ensures very high measuring speeds and signal outputs (response times) at the highest accuracy. As a result, Sensortherm is one of the technology leaders in digital pyrometer technology and offers economical and technically superior solutions from a single source.

For more details on Sensortherm, please visit our new sister company’s website under www.sensortherm.de!