The PhenoAIxpert Family offers application-oriented and flexible solutions for many phenotyping tasks.

The systems of the PhenoAIxpert family provide solutions for small to large samples, low to high throughput, in lab, growth room, or greenhouse. Many camera options are available for phenotyping of shoots, roots, plant parts, but also for non-plant samples.

  • Top-down RGB imaging with white LED light
  • Seedlings, Arabidopsis, plant parts, insects, larvae and more
  • Samples in, pots, MTPs, petri dishes
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  • Top-down and horizontal imaging
  • Potted upright growing plants
  • Options for multispectral imaging and imaging of roots in rhizoboxes
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  • High-sensitivity imaging for bio-luminescence
  • Detecting and imaging very weak light emission
  • Match phenotypes derived from RGB images to luminescence signals
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  • Top- and side view multi-sensor phenotyping
  • Fully automated plant-to-sensor transport with conveyor system
  • Weighing and watering options
  • Root phenotyping options
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  • Top- and side view multi-sensor phenotyping
  • Conveyor system moves plants along imaging stations
  • Semi-automated phenotyping of pre-loaded plants
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