Conveyor-based phenotyping solutions for glasshouses, growth rooms, climate chambers, cultivation halls, or indoor farms

Automated PhenoAIxpert HT (high throughput) systems combine rapid automated data recording with advanced analytical software and machine learning.

LemnaTec is the global specialist for PhenoAIxpert HT Solutions that not only save time and labour, but also provide a much broader base of information compared to visual scoring. This technology is dedicated to users who work with individually potted plants and demand for side- and top-view images of their plant material.

  • Plant-to-Sensor

  • Imaging cabinets with advanced illumination and optics

  • Comprehensive phenotyping software, including machine learning options

  • Broad range of camera types

  • System combines imaging, weighing, watering, fertilizing, and randomizing

  • Innovative smooth running technology prevents plant damage

  • Weighing and Watering options, including fertilizer supply

  • Storage conveyor lines as growth area

  • Conveyor configurations according to application cases

We recommend to record environmental data in the plant growth area, such as temperature, light, or air humidity. We offer recording systems that store the environmental data together with the phenotypic data of the corresponding plants.

Download the “PhenoAIxpert HT” product brochure as a PDF document.

We bought a LemnaTec LabScanalyzer (the predecessor of PhenoAIxpert) in July 2018. The instrument was delivered to us and installed remotely by a Lemnatec technician that instructed us about the use of the instrument. We were happy about the service: very good communication and excellent instrument set-up. The Lemnatec LabScanalyzer works nicely and is even more user-friendly than we expected. Almost no training of new users is needed. We hope to expand the uses of the instrument to obtain additional phenotyping options in the future, by interacting with LemnaTec.

Prof. Pierdomenico Perata, School of Advanced Studies, Pisa, Italy, Institute of life science

LemnaTec Product Matrix

LemnaTec offers imaging and image processing technologies for several applications that suit for low to high throughput in laboratory, greenhouse or outdoor environments. Technologies are adapted to various sample types and can be combined with automation. All imaging systems are combined with dedicated image processing software, including user-programmable functions and machine learning.

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*technology and algorithms used for the studies reported in the papers may differ from products in current LemnaTec offers – please contact us for details.

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