What does the shoot tell us about the root conditions?

Researchers followed this question by analysing phenotypes of melon plants (Cucumis melo) using a LemnaTec Conveyor Scanalyzer at the Agripheno research centre, Shanghai. The phenotyping system recorded visible light and NIRĀ images. The LemnaGrid analytical software delivered sets of phenotypic parameters on the plants that were grown in a set of different degrees of soil water availability. Having different soil moisture, plants developed into a range of phenomic types that could be distinguished by the measured parameters. Treatment groups and measured parameters were fed into a machine learning algorithm. Models were established that allow concluding the current water availability from the phenomic traits that the plants exhibit. Phenomes thereby serve as indicator for the state of water supply thus shoot tells us how the water status around the roots is.

Chang L, Yin Y, Xiang J, Liu Q, Li D, Huang D (2019) A Phenotype-Based Approach for the Substrate Water Status Forecast of Greenhouse Netted Muskmelon. Sensors (Basel, Switzerland) 19 https://www.mdpi.com/1424-8220/19/12/2673

LemnaTec Conveyor Scanalyzer at Agripheno