Seed Testing

Seed characteristics are highly important at various stages of plant research, breeding, seed production and trade, or seed maintenance in gene banks. This implies the properties of the seed as such as well as germination characteristics. Digital imaging tools improve and accelerate seed quality and germination testing. With the Germination Scanalyzer and the Phenoseeder LemnaTec provides a range technology dedicated to these tasks.

For any commercial use of seeds, quality testing is essential. The Germination Scanalyzer measures germination and vigour features and provides statistics on the measured features. The Germination Scanalyzer is applicable in standard germination assays.

In many plant studies in research and industry, seeds are the initial starting point so that any information about them is valuable to better interpret the results gained with the growing plants. Frequently, uniformity is required, so that seed sorting according to size or weight – a task to be done with the Phenoseeder – is meaningful. Similarly, seeds are frequently the target of the breeding process, so that a comprehensive digital seed characterisation helps to rate the breeding success.

Determination of germination by detection of emerged roots