Seed Respiration Testing

Introducting a new system for Seed Quality Evaluation: Seed Respiration Analyser (SRA)

  • A fast and precise measurement of oxygen consumption seed by seed.

  • Oxygen consumption is directly related to energy use.

  • Energy use of the seeds can give us new insights, for example on germination.

  • Test is non-destructive (seeds can be further tested in more conventional ways).

  • Measurements can be customized for specific purposes.

SRA Seed Respiration Analyzer

Features and Capabilities

The new SRA system has been developed by our partner Fytagporas and has been tested and verified on a wide variety of seeds.

The system has been designed for ease-of-use and comprises the following features:

  • Automated, Reproducible, Objective system to measure seed (plant) metabolism during germination

  • Four adjustable temperature-controlled zones

  • Different parameters of the germination trajectory can be evaluated and compared between different seed lots and/or treatments

  • Correlation with seed quality (aging, shelf-life control)

  • Evaluations of different coatings

  • Custom made evaluations

  • Developed by our partner Fytagoras

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