We are phenotyping at multiple scales, from lab to field, from seed to whole plant. We address plant development, quality, pests, pathogens, and stress factors. We deliver phenotyping solutions for plant breeding, research, plant management, seed quality control, and product development, e.g. for fertiliser or plant protection. Correspondingly, a broad range of hard- and software is available.

Laboratory Solutions

For many purposes in research and industrial laboratories, phenotypic traits of organisms are key indicators of plant- or product performance. With a range of phenotyping solutions, we address plants and plant parts, leaf disks, duckweed, insects, fungi, and related biological samples.

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Seed Screening

In plant breeding, seed treatment industry, and seed research, seed features and germination traits are core quality determinants. We provide a suite of tools for measuring seed properties, analysing germination rates, and germination quality.

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High Throughput Phenotyping Solutions

Phenotypic performance of growing plants at shoot- and root- level gives insight in genomic performance and plant-environment-interactions. Hundreds of use cases in research, breeding, product development, and plant management can be addressed with our comprehensive range of technology.

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