Greenhouse Scanalyzer Systems

Automated Indoor Phenotyping

The GREENHOUSE SCANALYZER continuously monitors hundreds of plants under controlled conditions without human intervention. With options for both plant-to-sensor and sensor-to-plant automation, LemnaTec is the world’s leading supplier of automated indoor phenotyping systems. A movie of a sample installation is available here.

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Plants are transported by conveyers through a series of imaging cabinets, each cabinet hosting a different sensor, to capture several hundred data points per plant per run. LemnaTec’s innovative MULTIVIEW system rotates each plant to capture images from all sides, as well as from above. This results in comprehensive quantitative data about the physiological and genetic traits of plants and the parameters that control plant development.

GREENHOUSE SCANALYZER systems are built to suit our customers’ requirements using standardised modules. The available imaging cabinet dimensions are shown below.

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Greenhouse Scanalyzer Plant-to-Sensor
Greenhouse Scanalyzer Plant-to-Sensor

Technical Specifications

Module options

Conveyer systems
Imaging cabinets
Light tunnel
Watering station
Spraying station
Weighing station
Multi-View turn and lift unit

Sensor options

RGB Visible
PS2 Fluorescence
Near Infrared


Dedicated Windows PC plus database server


Process control, Image processing, Data analysis

Direct Measures
NIR reflectance

unusual but maybe possible


Corn Leaf Segmenter

LemnaGrid can create a topological skeleton from a shape. This allows us to split an imaged plant into its larger constituents: leaf/branch and stem.

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Graph To Object Converter

In this post, we leverage a few skeleton graphs and morphological operations to analyse the leaf insertion angle, which is defined as the angle between the stem and branching leaf blade.

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HSI to grey converter

The ‘HSI to grey converter’ is a useful LemnaGrid tool to convert an RGB image into a more human intuitive color appearance system, i.e. the hue-saturation-intensity (HSI) model.

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