Automated RGB-imaging, PAM chlorophyll fluorescence imaging, hyperspectral imaging, and 3D scanning

The LemnaTec PhenoCenter™ is the most rapid solution in phenotyping samples in trays. It brings advantages in phenotypic knowledge by combining PAM fluorescence (PAM imaging unit powered by Walz GmbH) imaging, hyper-/multi-spectral imaging, 3D scanning and imaging in visible and near-infrared range.

  • Laboratory-scale
  • Semi-automated system
  • Sample types: plants, leaf disks, fungi, cultures and small organisms such as mosquito larvae or mites
  • Modular design – optional choice of Imaging Modules and accessories

Cameras move over a sample stage that can contain trays with pots or up to 18 multi-well plates, assessing large numbers of different samples in one run.

The closed cabinet of the PhenoCenter™ guarantees consistent and reproducible illumination and imaging conditions, suitable for the camera types supplied by LemnaTec. Lighting is adapted to camera requirements and sample properties. Different optical configurations are available depending on sample types.

  • Manual sample tray loading
  • Automated tray exchange with TrayProvider, an accessory tray storage unit

The Phenocenter TrayProvider™ accelerates sample measuring and saves labour. It is an accessory to the Phenocenter Base Module that allows temporally storing of sample trays in a trolley shelf system and automatic transport of all trays into the Base Module for measuring. Transporting in and out the trays, the Tray Provider enables automatically measuring phenotypic parameters of samples in a series of trays.

The trolley shelves are loaded with sample trays by the users and connected to the TrayProvider™ unit. Thereafter, the Tray Provider works off all presented trays and users can attach further trolley shelves when finished. The trolley shelves have a series of slots for trays and can handle trays of different height, depending on the sample type.

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PAM chlorophyll fluorescence imaging relies on the long-term expertise of our partner Walz GmbH

Phenocenter standard configuration for samples up to 20 cm height

PhenoCenter™ Base Module – camera and sensor options
Visible-light (VIS) Camera Module (standard)Size, count, colour, morphology, texture, movement
Near infrared (NIR) Camera ModuleReflectance in the water band at 1450 nm
Fluorescence Imaging ModuleFluorescence signals of pigments after appropriate excitation
Chlorophyll Fluorescence Kinetics ModulePAM imaging, chlorophyll status and activity
Hyperspectral Imaging ModuleSpectrally resolved reflectance
Multispectral Imaging ModuleReflectance at a series of distinct wavelengths
3D Laser Scanning Module3D point cloud, height and angle
PhenoCenter™ Accessories
TrayProvider™Automatic delivery of sample trays to the Base Module
Trolley for tray holdersCarrier for temporally storing and transporting of trays; attachable to the Tray Provider
Tray holders with sample adaptorsShelf plates for the Trolleys that carry the sample trays with sample-specific adaptors

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Cameras on camera holders in Phenocenter

The Phenocenter can be equipped with five different camera/sensor types, three of which can be mounted and operated at once. Manual exchange of cameras between experiments is possible. Phenocenters are delivered as standard with visible light cameras, all other camera types are optional accessories.

The visible light camera takes photographs that can be processed for data on sample dimensions and morphology together with colour information.

The laser scanner generates three-dimensional point clouds that can be processed for data on sample dimensions and morphology.

The fluorecence camera takes single level fluorescence images that can be processed for fluorescence intensity. Fluorescence – depending on light and filter – refers to fluorescing substances in the samples, e.g. chlorophyll and its degradation products.

The chlorophyll fluorescence camera, a built-in Imaging PAM from Walz GmbH, takes dynamic chlorophyll fluorescence images that can be processed for photosystem II parameters.

The near-infrared camera takes images of NIR-reflectance that can be processed for NIR intensity. With the 1450 nm narrow bandpass filter, signals relate to water content of the samples.

Technical Specifications

Sensors Visible light imaging: 8.1 Megapixel, f=50 mm

Single level fluorescence: 1.4 Megapixel, f=25 mm

Dynamic chlorophyll fluorescence: Walz Imaging PAM

3D Laser Scanner

NIR imaging: 636 x 508 Pixel, f=35 mm, 1450 nm narrow bandpass filter

Auto-changer can accommodate three sensors out of these five

Dimensions Imaging cabinet 1800 x 800 x 1900 mm

Accessories for sample loading on request.

Power 400 VAC 50Hz

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