Our changes in products and product names

LemnaTec products evolved with time, and some names were changed as consequence of technological progress.

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Product changes

Discontinued Product

New Product

HTS Scanalyzer

The HTS Scanalyzer, also called Scanalyzer HTS is a top-view multi-camera system for MTPs, plates, or small pots.

HTS Scanalyzer

HTS Scanalyzer


The PhenoCenter is the successor of the HTS Scanalyzer offering more configuration and measurement options.

PhenoCenter Cabinet


PhenoCenter product page

PL Scanalyzer

The PL Scanalyzer, also called Scanalyzer PL is a top-view system for MTPs, plates, or small pots. It is frequently used for analysing seedlings and also serves for duckweed tests.


The successor product of the PL Scanalyzer is the LabScanalyzer, which is equally successor for all previous duckweed imaging systems. The LabScanalyzer has a renewed operation concept and is not only available as top-view version, but also as top- and side-view version.

LabScanalyzer product page

Name Changes

Previously used name

3D Scanalyzer

Phenotyping systems installed inside buildings, operating in the plant-to-sensor mode using conveyors were sold in the past with the following names:

  • 3D Scanalyzer
  • Scanalyzer 3D
  • 3D HT
  • Greenhouse Scanalyzer

Current name

Conveyor Scanalyzer

We now offer the technology under the name Conveyor Scanalyzer. Name change was motivated to avoid restricting the technology to greenhouses or to avoid focusing on 3D imaging only.

Conveyor Scanalyzer Product Page