Phenotyping and testing systems as tools

Phenotyping systems and digital seed testing systems are tools for biologists, breeders, seed professionals, agronomists, toxicologists, and many more experts working with biological samples. They are not intended to replace the professionals, but they provide them advanced digital tools to make the work faster and easier.

Phenotyping and seed testing have working procedures that are laborious and fatiguing routines, e.g. counting germinated seeds, or measuring plant sizes. Many of such tasks can be done by digital recording and image processing of the sample material. Thereby, professionals gain time to work on the essentials rather than spending hours to just count or measure.

Digital measurements not only take over the boring part of the work, they are faster than human rating, too. They allow standardising working procedures and make work independent from the personal impression of humans.

In an era when genomic and biochemical work makes use of digital methods anyway, it’s only logical to apply digital technology for phenotyping and seed testing, too.

Our digital technologies open the way to save time, labour, and money.