Automated Seed Counting

Counting seeds is a task that is required on a regular base when working with seeds and seed batches. A prominent application is the assessment of the thousand-kernel-weight, which requires weighing a batch of seeds and counting the number of individual seeds therein. As the assessed batch usually contains a much smaller number of individual seeds, and any error therefore directly translates in wrong figures, precise counting is key for obtaining precise figures.

Counting seeds by imaging substantially speed up this job as results are available within seconds.

It should be mentioned that image processing has more advantages, though:

  • Recording images ensures a documentation of all samples so that re-assessments are possible.
  • Each counted individual can be measured simultaneously for length, width, and area, and provide this relevant information without additional efforts.
  • Depending on image recording conditions, also information on color can be obtained.

As a conclusion, image-based counting speeds up the process while delivering much more information than manual counting ever could do.

Seed counting is just one of many seed quality test features our SeedAIxpert product family stands for.