The fastest digital seed testing system measuring seed, germination, and seedling emergence quality.

  • For paper-based germination assays and seedling emergence tests

  • Save time and labor in seed testing

  • Overcome inconsistent assessments by digitizing the inspection

  • Reproducible and standardizable through unified imaging and analysis

  • The digital seed testing system for breeders, testing labs, and researchers

  • Fully-automated multi-shelf model

  • Modular system suitable for climate chambers

  • Custom design: number of tray positions and throughput corresponding to customer’s requirements

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  • Reliable technology that makes seed testing easy

  • Image acquisition, storage, analysis, and retrieval

  • Image annotation, metadata recording

  • Metadata and annotation directly linked to image

  • Advanced image processing algorithms including machine learning

  • Structured image file administration system

  • Easy export of images, data, and analyses

  • Intuitive graphical user interface

  • High-resolution industrial camera

  • Artificial intelligence enables seed and seedling quality assessments

Application Examples

Germination detection

Roots emerging from seeds were detected by SeedAIxpert and marked in yellow. Germination percentage (seeds with / without roots in relation to total seed number) is provided. Detected roots can be measured, e.g. root lenght.

Germination detection of coated seeds

SeedAIxpert is designed to work with coated seeds, too. Here coated seeds were classified as germinated or not germinated according to the occurence of roots. As SeedAIxpert can work with color analysis, it can handle differently coated seeds at once.

SeedAIxpert works with most seeds

SeedAIxpert technology is able to cope with seeds of different sizes and colors. No matter whether you work with small herb or vegetable seeds or with maize, SeedAIxpert makes seed testing easy.

Artificial intelligence for seedling classification

Emerging seedlings consist of various parts, e.g. roots, shoots, or root hairs. With machine learning algorithms, SeedAIxpert can be trained to recognize each of these parts separately.

Maize germination

Example for a maize germination test as top-of-paper assay. SeedAIxpert images the samples and derives germination quality data from the images.

Vegetable seed germination classified with machine learning

Vegetables germinating in a top-of-paper test were classified with the SeedAIxpert machine learning algorithms. Occurence and size of shoot and root are analyzed and a subsequent quality rating, e.g. as usable plant test can be set up.

Germination assessment vegetables

Seed classification

Embryo and Endosperm are visible on the surface of maize seeds. Imaged and classified by SeedAIxpert, fractions of embryo and endosperm are measured for each seed.

Seedling emergence test

Oilseed rape germination was assessed in a seedling emergence test with seeds placed in substrate. Emerging cotyledons were recognized and measured for germination frequency and seedling quality.

Seedling emergence classified

Manual version of SeedAIxpert

Beyond the fully automated SeedAIxpert HT as customized solution,
we offer the manually fed SeedAIxpert and the semi-automated SeedAIxpert Pro.

LemnaTec Product Matrix

LemnaTec offers imaging and image processing technologies for several applications that suit for low to high throughput in laboratory, greenhouse or outdoor environments. Technologies are adapted to various sample types and can be combined with automation. All imaging systems are combined with dedicated image processing software, including user-programmable functions and machine learning.

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