The fastest digital seed testing system measuring seed, germination, and seedling emergence quality.

We are introducing our SeedAIxpert family!

The SeedAIxpert family comprises a table-top seed testing unit and a semi-automated seed testing system, the SeedAIxpert pro.
Germination assays, e.g. top-of-paper tests, or seedling emergence trials easily are carried out with SeedAIxpert. The high-resolution imaging combined with Artificial Intelligence-based algorithms delivers reliable seed germination quality data.

  • Easy to use with powerful image processing software and machine learning algorithms
  • Reproducible and standardized results
  • Saves time and labor in seed testing
  • Image acquisition, storage, and sample-adapted analysis (germination percentage, timing, seed and seedling quality, usable plants etc.)
  • Images are labelled, annotated and stored in a systematic way – easy to find back and use for further operating processes
  • Applicable for most crops, vegetables, ornamentals, or wild plants
  • For use in seed production, breeding, gene banks, research, seed quality control and more
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