LemnaTec Software Suite

From Experiment Planning to Analysis and Presentation

  • Image Analysis
  • Phenotyping, Seed Testing, Toxicology, Bioluminescence, Fluorescence, and more
  • Image and data recording, storage, and processing
  • Hardware control and experiment scheduling

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The LemnaTec Software Suite consists of different packages:

  • LemnaControl for settings of the system and operating the process
  • Lemna3D for programming analyses of 3D data
  • LemnaControl for settings of the system and operating the process
  • Lemna3D for programming analyses of 3D data

Interaction of software parts in LemnaTec phenotyping system. The overall software has been designed for the following features:

  • LemnaControl for settings of the system and operating the process
  • LemnaExperiment for experiment overview and for managing and analyzing experiments, as well as for browsing, exporting, and visualizing of the results
  • LemnaGrid for programming analyses of images
  • Lemna3D for programming analyses of 3D data


LemnaControl is the interface with which users operate the system. With LemnaControl, users carry out all settings that are required for image recording with the system. In particular, this comprises settings for the camera(s) and lights included in the system. Moreover, it provides possibilities for setting all motorized moving parts according to their functions (if applicable). All settings can be combined and scheduled to configure recordings. The available functions are tailored to the corresponding hardware. Each hardware system delivered by LemnaTec comes with its own control software adapted for the functions of that system.

LemnaControl software for system control and settings

LemnaControl: Setting of light and exposure. (This screen will look differently depending on the device it controls)


LemnaExperiment serves to manage experiments and measurements, and to schedule and run analyses. Moreover, it enables viewing, visualizing, and exporting results. It provides capabilities to access and browse through recorded images and to display metadata for samples and measurements. As core function, LemnaExperiment selects recordings for analysis and assigns an image analysis pipeline –written in LemnaGrid or in Lemna3D – to a given set of recordings. After assignment, the analyses are run in the background by the Analysis Executor. Parameters of interest can be selected in LemnaExperiment so that they are displayed in the analysis output.

LemnaExperiment: configuration of analyses

After running analyses, LemnaExperiment can visualize and export the result data. It provides data tables and graphs for the numerical values derived from the images. Users can customize graphs with a range of settings. Furthermore, it is possible to browse through the result images. Users can export all numerical data in CSV tables.

LemnaExperiment: visualization of results


A complete package of phenotyping functions enables programming of freely definable image analysis pipelines and includes a broad range of functions relevant for phenotyping. Image processing tools are included for all types of cameras delivered with the system.

The LemnaGrid software module uses a graphical programming environment (similar to LabView or Microsoft Robotics Studio), which allows simple integration of different image analysis algorithms. Besides analysis pipelines delivered by LemnaTec, user-defined analysis pipelines can be programmed easily. Devices are available in a drag-and-drop toolbox and can be combined to set up workflows on the graphical interface. The image analysis pipeline extracts desired properties/features from the original image and saves their results. Programmed image analysis pipelines can be called via LemnaExperiment to run with sets of recorded images.

Phenotyping tools comprise – but are not limited to – the following functions:

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