Mycorrhizas generally are considered as beneficial plant-microbe interactions. Advanced non-invasive phenotyping technology gives insight in the dynamic development of the plants in response to mycorrhiza. Non-invasive assessments of the dynamic development of the digital biomass with a LemnaTec Scanalyzer revealed that mycorrhiza can cause growth depressions. The influence – positive or negative – on plant growth depends on species, soil nutrients, and timing.

The phenotypic data enabled better understanding the responses of barley, tomato, and Medicago plants to mycorrhiza.

J. Watts-Williams, N. Jewell, C. Brien, B. Berger, T. Garnett, and T. R. Cavagnaro, “Using High-Throughput Phenotyping to Explore Growth Responses to Mycorrhizal Fungi and Zinc in Three Plant Species,” Plant Phenomics, vol. 2019, Article ID 5893953, 12 pages, 2019.