Using an HTS Scanalyzer with RGB-, NIR-, and fluorescence cameras, researchers generated 4320 images of Arabidopsis plants in a drought study. Growth responses, water content, and chlorophyll-originating fluorescence signals were used to physiologically characterise the responses of the plants towards water limitation in different severities. Together with ionomic data, phenotypic data help to understand mecahnisms of plants coping with low water availability. The results were published in Functional Plant Biology:

Lucia M. Acosta-Gamboa, Suxing Liu, Erin Langley, Zachary Campbell, Norma Castro-Guerrero, David Mendoza-Cozatl, Argelia Lorence; Acosta-Gamboa, Lucia M.; Liu, Suxing; Langley, Erin; Campbell, Zachary; Castro-Guerrero, Norma et al. (2017): Moderate to severe water limitation differentially affects the phenome and ionome of Arabidopsis. In: Functional Plant Biol. 44 (1), S. 94. DOI: 10.1071/FP16172.