New Consultants for the American Market

We are happy to announce the cooperation with two consultants who will support our business in the US. With these partnerships we want to further expand our global customer base and provide a closer link to our American customers.

As of August 2021, Dr Benjamin Kaufman from Laborector and Dr Naseem Khan and LemnaTec GmbH have entered an agreement to better serve our customers in the US market.

Dr. Benjamin Kaufman/Laborector served as the Secretary General of the International Seed Testing Association (ISTA), and as a Senior Research Scientist for Du-Pont Pioneer (now Corteva) and is also providing operational leadership to Agriplex Genomics.

Dr. Naseem Khan is a senior Plant Pathologist who worked for Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, USDA, Dupont Pioneer (now Corteva), Sciessent LLC and NRgene. He developed biological and other novel bactericides, fungicides, and nematicides. Currently he is working as an independent consultant.

With seed breeding, plant research, and precision crop management gaining importance worldwide, customers increasingly look for digital imaging combined with artificial intelligence that provides solutions for plant and seed quality rating.

With their comprehensive expertise in phenotyping and their strong networking in this community our consultants will support customers with reliable LemnaTec solutions for plant phenotyping, seed testing, and more.

Benjamin Kaufman

Naseem Khan